Project Description


In the early 20th century, rail travel changed everything for Nynäshamn in Sweden -– a small, relaxed coastal town some 30 minutes’ drive south of Stockholm. What started out as a small fishing village soon became known for its summer houses, seaside hotels, and the venue for the sailing events in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. To this day water sports remains one of the major attractions of Nynäshamn with one of the country’s best surfing beaches and a centrally located guest marina, protected by one of Europe’s longest floating breakwaters.

The marina has 300 berths – protected from strong northerlies by a 380-metre-long floating breakwater – and is located in the former fishing harbour. The modular breakwater system is made up of nineteen 20-metre-long, 5-metre-wide pontoons connected in series. The pontoons are not only extremely stable, making them easily accessible for boat owners and visitors, in summer they also double up as an extension of the public boardwalk. The pontoons are anchored using heavy chains and concrete mooring blocks.

The floating breakwater was designed and built by SF Marina in Wallhamn, Sweden and was opened in time for the Olympic Centenary Regatta and the 6 Metre European Championships in 2012.

  • Modular breakwater system made up of nineteen 20-metre-long, 5-metre-wide pontoons connected in series