Project Description


Siglufjörður is a small fishing town in a narrow fjord with the same name on the northern coast of Iceland. The town grew up around the herring industry that was in much bloom in the 1940s and 1950s, but the herring are gone now. Siglufjörður was connected with a road for the first time in 1940, when the horse riding trail through Siglufjarðarskarð was improved enabling cars to get through. Before, ships, seaplanes, horses and strong legs provided the only transport. Today the town remains dependent on fishing industries although the herring are gone. If you want experience the midnight sun you should visit between 9:th of June until 1:th of July. We recommend you staying at Siglo Hotel built into the harbour in Siglufjordur. All the rooms have views over the beautiful surrounding mountains and the marina delivered by SF Marina, from the cosy window seat you can watch life go by in this quiet little haven in north Iceland.

  • Marina delivered by SF Marina