Project Description


A short distance from Oslo you can experience the beautiful coastal landscape of Vestfold with its fjords, peninsulas, and numerous islands. The coastline may not be long, but it has an extensive
cultural history as a centre for whaling, shipbuilding, and maritime activities, going all the way back to the Viking Age.

Along the western shores of Vestfold is the charming village of Helgeroa, famous for having the most beautiful sunsets, often captured in artists’ paintings. Despite being the permanent home to just a few hundred people, the village attracts thousands of visitors every summer, and tourists often arrive by yacht or on one of the small Helgeroa ferries. The well-equipped marina, including two seafood restaurants, is situated in the very heart of this quaint, seaside village.

In 2019, when the marina owners were looking to replace their aging docks, they enlisted SF Marina to install new fingers for the fixed piers and new, concrete pontoons, providing 450 berths.

  • Concrete pontoons, providing 450 berths