SF Marina have been in the forefront in the field of concrete pontoons and
breakwaters for a century now. We are internationally recognized for providing
our customers tailor-made premium marinas and advanced floating solutions
all over the world. Our knowledge and experience has withstood the test of
time and the force of nature since 1918. 

Living up to our promise – still there after the storm.

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It is with great pride that we present our current breakwater range. It is the sum of all experience we have gathered from the first breakwater installation. Our confidence in our breakwaters comes from knowing that our floating breakwater range has and is being tested every day and from these occasions we study, learn and improve our technology.

Download our Breakwater product sheets for more info: SFBW300, SFBW400, SFBW500, SFBW600 (in English)

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Thick cover layers of strong, high-quality concrete protect the reinforcement, delivering the longest lifetime of all steel-reinforced concrete pontoons on the market today. Concrete pontoons will deliver an aesthetic, clean, uncluttered and safe mooring for all marina guests in all weathers. All concrete pontoons will attenuate waves. All concrete marina pontoons are fitted with a pressure treated wood fender bolted onto the concrete body using marine grade stainless steel bolts into stainless females, adding 250 mm of width to the concrete width of the pontoons.

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SF Marina, with its vast experience and innovative nature has a proven track record of building increasingly larger floating concrete structures. Our main production site in Wallhamn, with access to a deep-water quay is perfect for delivering custom built floating structures. We deliver onto geared vessels or onto submersible barges for transport anywhere.

Examples of special pontoons we have developed are ferry landings, fuel stations, floating homes, floating restaurants, helicopter, seaplane platforms, septic platforms and more.

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    Fredrik Odhe
    + 46 705 84 62 26

    SF Marina System AB and its affiliates have completed over 500 installations since 1983. The company is familiar with and has completed installations in climatic conditions ranging from North of the Arctic Circle to the Tropics. The company’s premier products are the full concrete floating pontoons in various sizes, which we can then match with different types of finger piers for many applications. In the vast majority of cases (over 90%) our pontoons are installed on mooring systems of chains and anchors which are designed specifically for the site conditions. Our chain mooring systems are being successfully used in daily tidal ranges of twenty feet with higher annuals and storm conditions. Operating in more than 50 countries SF Marina has delivered more than 1000 marina references worldwide.