SF Marina offers a wide and versatile range of concrete pontoons. Pontoon widths range between 2,4 and 10 meters. Freeboards range from 50cm to 100 cm. Almost without exception any length can be custom made, any angle can be manufactured and any configuration can be built. Utility ducts can be customized to any need, large or small. The SF Marina concrete pontoons have a low centre of gravity, which allows for installations also where swells and waves are predicted to be somewhat more severe.


The versatile Marina solution


Options for commercial ports

SF1500 & SF1800 SERIES

Heavy piers and floating solutions


Harness the fire to control the sea

Thick cover layers of strong, high-quality concrete protect the reinforcement, delivering the longest lifetime of all steel-reinforced concrete pontoons on the market today. Concrete pontoons will deliver an aesthetic, clean, uncluttered and safe mooring for all marina guests in all weathers. All concrete pontoons will attenuate waves.

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All concrete marina pontoons are fitted with a pressure treated wood fender bolted onto the concrete body using marine grade stainless steel bolts into stainless females, adding 250 mm of width to the concrete width of the pontoons.

Anchoring points for any concrete pontoon can be either eyes or anchoring wells when chain/rope and anchor is to be used for anchoring. If pile anchoring is to be used, cast in tracks for attachment of pile guides alternatively internal pile guide recesses are cast in.
Stainless steel females can easily be cast in for any auxiliary equipment such as flag posts, safety equipment or bollards.

In many cases the concrete pontoons are decked with various materials ranging from exotic wood to plastic composites.

All pontoons are solidly reinforced and we have proven solutions to solve most challenges presented in terms of odd angles, centre links, specially requested wood decking or specific requirements for utility wells and cleats. It goes without saying that with such a high level of customization available, the pontoon is quite unique.

Depending on the situation and the desired function, it is important to choose the correct type of anchor wells and mooring-rings.

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The SF1000 series is the best seller in our range, which is explained by the wide range of applications. Within the series, we find pontoons with widths from 2.4-meter concrete width up to 8-meter. Pontoons in SF1000 series floats with a freeboard of about 50cm depending on model and equipment. We produce it in lengths from 10 meters up to 25 meters.

All pontoons in SF1000 Series are equipped with standard embedded stainless-steel fittings, embedded conduits and pipes for electricity and water, super strong coupling wells, finger jointed fenders and solid rubber spacers between the concrete and wood fenders.

Together with you, we look at your situation and then design the pontoon that best meets your needs.



SF1200 series is a product primarily developed for commercial ports where tough wear all year long is to be expected. It has very strong armour and thick cover layer in its original version. SF1200 series is available in widths from 3 meters to 8 meters.

In recent years, we have noticed an increased interest in SF1200 Series features, primarily the 60-cm high freeboard and the higher weight, even within the recreation area where both marinas and individuals expressed their wish for a slightly higher freeboard than the usual 50 cm we have on SF1000 series.

Due to the expanded interest in SF1200 series, we have developed the SF1200 Light, where we removed the double reinforcement in the walls for slightly less vulnerable applications. Thus, we
have arrived at a very cost-effective pontoon with a freeboard of 60 cm.


SF1500 & SF1800 SERIES


SF1500 Series is a series for the really demanding situations where you want to have a freeboard of around 75 cm. It is double reinforced in all the walls and it is available in widths from 4 meters to 8 meters. SF1500 series is a very stable product series that are customized to the smallest detail.

SF1800 series is a pontoon with a structural height of 180 cm and an unloaded freeboard of about one meter. They are available in widths from 4 meters up to 8 meters and in lengths up to 30 meters.
SF1800 series is mainly used for very heavy piers, piers for commercial vessels but also as a foundation for the floating house.

Thinking about a project where the SF1500 or SF1800 series is applicable, do not hesitate and get in touch with us as we work together the best proposal for you.



In the X-line pontoon range conventional steel reinforcement has been replaced with lava fibre reinforcement. The new technique allows the X-line concrete pontoons to be built at a very low weight, as there is no need for a certain concrete layer thickness to protect the reinforcement from corrosion. The X-line pontoons present unparalleled transport economics as well as unmatched endurance in corrosive conditions.